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crowds at 2greendollars event
Anthony Cruze at a gig
anthony cruze royal melbourne show

"the whole club was dancing - including the bartenders!"

Mark P, (at penthouse 15), Australia

"One Word to describe his shows: EPIC!"

Organisers of Luna New Year Festival 2015, Australia


"No other DJ can command a crowd like

Anthony Cruze can.  Amazing work!" 

MGM Macau

"Thankyou, Michael would have loved to see

your video mix at LA LIVE"

Sony Pictures (Michael Jacksons "This Is It" launch)


"Anthony Cruze is the game changer of the DJ / Entertainment industry"

Ben McS - WBTV


"The worlds most accomplished party anchor and Video DJ"


"He not only breaks Guinness World Records,

but sets new ones"

cnn report - chk chk boom boy breaks world record in Beirut

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