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Bio and specsheet

Cruze is the official Guinness World Record™ winning Video DJ


Over the next decade he is on a global tour to promote his latest album from his “nom de plume” – 2GreenDollars. 


Latest release features 25 Tracks of mixed dance and catchy pop tracks, all made with the assistance of new AI technology and mastered in both HD Audio and Dolby Atmos.

During the tour, some concerts will be scaled up to include large scale visual spectaculars, immersive sound and cutting-edge technology.


News reports describe him as ‘the world’s most accomplished DJ and party anchor’ & ‘The game changer of the entertainment industry’


Known for his work with Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Roxette, Sheila E, Prince, George Michael, Gloria Estefan,

Wes Quave, and Kirk Franklin (just a few),

his music and remixes consistently chart in the top 20 “pop” category and Top 40 globally in the “mashups” category on sites including

At the time of writing, he sits at the top of ’s global indie artists, and averages top 5 of ALL indie DJ/Producers, globally over the past year.


Past gigs include: IMAX Melbourne - “Turn It Up” Series 2023

2014 FIFA World Cup in Sao Paolo.

Opening/Closing Ceremonies of the 2016 Olympic Games, Rio.

VJ to Sheila E’s international tour.

Video DJ to global launch events for Michael Jacksons’ “This Is It” for Sony Pictures and Sony Music.

Princes “Glam Slam” Nightclub concept.

Lionsgate and Sony Pictures Movies @ CinemaCon, Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Corporate and Private shows.

Studio 54 Las Vegas.

Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia.

The Royal Melbourne Show @ Coca Cola Arena in sync with a spectacular stunt car show, Audience: 35,000 nightly,10 nights.

MGM Macau, New Years Eve Video DJ for 3 consecutive years, featuring the world’s largest indoor fireworks display synchronized with music.

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