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Australia’s own Guinness World Record winning Producer, DJ and Video DJ Anthony Cruze and band outfit called the "Modern Saints", has kicked some serious “goals” in his 3-decade international career.

Not merely a DJ/VJ, the master performer wears many hats (or headphones?) and is one of the world’s pioneers in music and video technology.



International press describes him as ‘the world’s most accomplished party anchor’ and ‘the game changer of the entertainment industry’. Publicly ranked highly in the “World’s most influential DJ’s”, and #1 in “The most influential Video DJ’s of all time”.


Career Highlights:


  • Averaging 25 million plays online year upon year since 2009 (from sites such as Spotify, Beats, Groove, Soundcloud, Pandora, Amazon, Google and Mixcloud) making him consistently one of the world’s most ‘played’ DJs in the present day.

  • Performances in front of hundreds of thousands of partygoers all over the world at major events.  Not to mention appearances at famous international clubs going way back, from New York’s Palladium, Studio 54 in Las Vegas, Prince’s “Glam Slam” LA and the original Roxbury in LA (to name a few notable venues).


  • Produced the world’s first DVD in real time in Las Vegas at the launch of Windows XP (Bill Gates launched it in front of an audience of 17,000 at MGM Grand Arena).  Over fifteen years later, Windows XP still has presence in multimedia applications.


  • An innovator of concert technology delivering 3D naked eye holography. Not to mention building and utilizing one of the largest portable screens in the world (over 10 stories) to play back music video, all synchronized with live acts and indoor pyrotechnics (MGM Grand Macau, China, 3 years running).


  • Guinness World Record holder for the longest Video DJ marathon (25 plus hours, and still current!)

  • Invited by Sony Pictures to appear at the Hollywood Premiere of Michael Jackson’s This Is It Theatrical release in 2009, resulting in a kicking 1-hour video and audio ‘mega-medley’ plus an invite back to anniversary events.  He has also performed at Michael Jackson album launches for Sony Music worldwide and the Michael Jackson game for Ubisoft.


  • Consistently ranked highly on IMDB’s Hollywood celebrity list.


  • Recognized as one of the world’s pioneers of Digital Audio and recordable DVD.

  • The only Australian finalist in Yahoo's ‘Best Internet Café in the world’ comp, where he decked out an old building to emulate the inside of a 747.  Came 2nd in the world!  Appeared on various Morning/Variety TV Shows.

  • Producer of uber view “catch up music video” concept: vdomixx and Turn It Up! - A syndicated music TV show that peaked with an audience of 88 million (for four of its episodes, in 1996).  It was the first non-animated series to utilize current technology and techniques used in animation studios. It was also the first music show streamed online (in August 2000).



Whether it is Chart Hits, Dance, R’n’B, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and Latin, Ant Cruzes’ got you covered.  Check out his remix loot bag, carving up some big numbers officially for some big wigs including George Michael, Sheila E & Prince, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Gloria Estefan, Roxette, Wes Quave, B.B. King, the Village People, Pretty Poison, Bingo Boys, Black Box, Shanice, and Brandy.



Click the link to see some show highlights…


Needless to say, he brings the bells, the whistles and the cherry on top.


Cruze has enjoyed amazing international success and he is back on a promotional tour doing special projects on TV, Various Media and Stadium Venues and other special events.


For more information including live mixes/remixes, Music Videos etc: YouTube channel:




Google: "Anthony Cruze and the Modern Saints", "The PopBrokers", “Ant Cruze”, “Anthony Chidiac”, and “2greendollars”

Client referees also available on request.  


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